I'm Amanda. I'd love to make you a website.

I design fully customized websites for small businesses and online entrepreneurs.

Your website is your modern day business card. It’s your little corner of the Internet, a hub for all things you, and I believe it should be as you as humanely possible.

My passion is full customization with WordPress, but I also work with Wix and Squarespace for simpler projects. Click the button below to read more about the difference between the two and see some samples.

The Process



This is where our creative juices first start to flow. Your job: create a mood board by gathering images, fonts, and other website layouts you like. My job: develop a brand kit and start to sketch your site's outline.



The heart of your website is alllll that content! Your job: send through the photos, videos, and text that will make up your site's pages. My job: copyedit for grammar, flow, and style, integrate these pieces with your site's outline.



Now, for the fun part! My job: make the magic happen by creating the pages and additional materials, if desired, for your website. Your job: sit back, relax, and check your email every once in a while to answer questions.



We're in the home stretch! My job: send you drafts, usually page by page, of the website and tweak pages for mobile compatibility. Your job: be as nit-picky as you want and start to prep your social media for the launch!


  • Full customization capabilities
  • Best blogging platform
  • A third of all websites are powered by WordPress


  • Higher price point
  • More involved creation process

Bottom Line

Best for larger businesses, content-heavy businesses, or online stores, and those willing and able to invest in a unique website experience

For example...

Transform with Tara Goddard

Who: Auric magnetic healer and online coach Tara Goddard

What: Fully customized, seamless transitions, image-centered, heavily branded website with online store

Check this out if: you’re a multi-passionate, multi-project entrepreneur or you’re looking to invest in a fully customized web experience.


  • Low price point
  • Easy to self-edit- themes are pre-made
  • A third of all websites are powered by WordPress


  • Low customization
  • Some limitations in design

Bottom Line

Best for small businesses with a simple website vision or a smaller marketing budget

For example...

Carrie's Critter Care

Who: Dog groomer and house sitter Carrie

What: Customized, simple website with just the basics for small business owner who enjoys a more hands-off approach

Check this out if: you want something simple and easy-to-navigate with a lower price point

Interested in working together?

If, like me, plain old email is more your thing- feel free to shoot me a message at amandapopovski@gmail.com.