Oh, hi gorgeous!

I’ve been waiting for you. (In a non-creepy way, I promise.) I just mean that I totally called you in to view this webpage because you’re a badass woman on a freaking mission, and I’m here to help those biiiiig dreams of yours come true.

I help the brilliant, soul-driven woman* (ahem, you)
find her purpose and fulfill her passion by creating
the business of her dreams.

Amanda has been amazing and so supportive throughout this entire process, and is such an AMAZING and naturally gifted teacher. (…) I could feel her positive energy rub off on me(…) I would be so pumped and ready to do the work necessary to better my future. I feel so excited every day to start the day and to further reach my goals and better myself. 

- A

Who is this chick?

Hiiiii! I’m Amanda, a soul-centered business coach and mindset mentor with a soft spot for alliteration.

I love helping soulpreneurs wake up to their power, work smart in pursuit of their goals, and master the mindset that will get them from “ho hum” to “HELL YEAH.” 

I love to travel, write, crazy dance in my car and spend time with my family. I’m obsessed with dogs, fuzzy scrunchies, the smell of new notebooks and driving my adoooorable Mini Cooper!

Wanna know my favorite pickup line? Scroll just a liiiiittle further down…

Hi. I love you.
And I think it's kinda hot how big your dreams are.

Girl, you are so magical. You are sparkly and spunky and fierce as hell. Tirelessly tenacious, ruthlessly rose-colored-glasses, positively positive in every way.

You’re a boss babe. You’re fascinating. You’re brilliant. You’re an idea MACHINE. And you’re meant for a bigger life than the box you’re living in. You know it, I know it, we all freaking know it, but you’re not giving yourself permission to let ‘er rip. You’re dulling your light, you’re playing small, you’re settling, and you think that’s just how life has to be.

Biiiiitch, do I have news for YOU! That’s not how it has to be. Not even close. You CAN ditch the 9-5. You CAN become your own boss. You CAN raise kickass kids, travel the world, coach people on kitten rearing or bread baking or ass kicking (or all three). Soul sister…

You can have it all.

No more hiding! No more dulling your sparkle! I DEMAND you shower the world with your confetti goodness right this instant!

You have this burning desire to make more money doing what you love and launch that dream biz you’ve seen so many others do…

Now’s the time, beautiful. We’re not only going to launch that dream business, but we’ll get your mind in tip top shape, get you those clients that make you feel like you’re really making a freaking impact, and you’ll feel like a rockstar with every step you take. 


You know it’s true! And if you’re feeling my vibe and I’m totally speaking directly to your soul, then you know you’ve got some major ass to kick this year…

And I’m that best friend/mentor/biz coach that’s gonna teach you, support you, celebrate you, and majorly love you every single step of the way.

You’re ready, babe.



Do you like podcasts? Yeah, you like podcasts.

Poise with Purpose is a pondersome podcast pertaining to perspective, pleasure, passion and purposeful pursuit. New episodes every Saturday on iTunes, Spotify and my website here.

Wanna create a dream biz from scratch?

You’ll freaking looooove my signature program Soul and Strategy. It’s a business mastermind/group program/high-vibe container which combines soul practices, intuitive guidance and mindset with practical, actionable business necessities for the online soulpreneur. It’s everything I learned and more in starting my own business, the culmination of my courage, the apex of my aspirations, and it shows.


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