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Amanda Popovski

Digital Marketer
Conscious Creator
Emphatic Lover of Life


Hi, I’m Amanda- digital marketer, cheerleader of humanity, wellness advocate and all-around lover of life. 

Professionally, I own two businesses- Amanda Popovski Creative Services and Side Hustle Smarter- because I REALLY love helping people and believe business is one of the most unique expressions of the self.

Personally, I am a recovering perfectionist, wellness advocate, and digital minimalist who searches ceaselessly for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in modern life.

Please take a look around and reach out to me if you’re feeling chatty!


If you’re deeply self-aware, empathic and compassionate, too, you’ll get a kick out of my blog!

I write on everything from conscious business to mindfulness to wellness and back to business.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy those intersections as much as I do!


I’ve found my journey as an entrepreneur to be the most rewarding, challenging, and revealing experience yet. 

I have a real passion for helping others navigate this digital space in a way that feels easy and effortless, which is why I started APCS and SHS.

Amanda Popovski Creative Services

Brand Management

Copywriting, content creation and brand strategy in the spiritual coaching, self development and spa industries

Side Hustle smarter

Business Education + Coaching

Helping beginner business owners get over their fears and create a business they love- by working smarter, not harder

Client Love

Let's Chat

I would love to hear your thoughts on digital minimalism in the marketing world, what mindfulness looks like for you, and/or any other thoughts that come to mind.

Please reach out and I’ll be happy to respond within 24 hours.

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