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Hey! I’m Amanda, a jack-of-all-trades creative based in Buffalo, NY and passionate about the English language in all its forms. I’m known for my unique perspective, attention to detail, and strong communication skills, and consider myself a cheerleader and optimist in professional settings. I’m interested in working with like-minded people who I can learn from and laugh with, particularly in the marketing and content creation industries.

Some fun facts about me- I’m casi fluente in Spanish, I’m passionate about minimalism, mindfulness and meditation, my favorite books are Fahrenheit 451, The Bell Jar and A Year of Less, and I’m straight-up six feet tall.

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EMW 4-H Sewing Group Builds Talent and Friendships

If one thing is clear about the girls in the EMW 4H club, it’s this: they are a very tight-knit group.  At one point during the interview between the seven students, Vada Kirsch interjects that she has a story to tell, and almost immediately the other girls roll their eyes

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B2C Content

The W Spa

Health & Wellness | Beauty

At The W Spa, I write, manage and post all blogs, email newsletters, and social media posts. Some of my favorites from the TWS website:

Long-Form Pieces

“An Invitation to Look”: The Reclamation of Burlesque in Buffalo


My feet are starting to hurt from standing. Mary intuits this and invites me to sit on the hardwood, the sticky, beer-stained hardwood, and I oblige. Since the opening number I’ve seen the following:

  • A dancer in a thin, tight body suit and blacked-out contact lenses slowly ripping their “skin” off to screamo music.
  • A dancer with horns, reminiscent of Satan, dominating a “stage kitten” (a scantily-clad young woman who picks up stripped pieces and props after each set) with a neck collar and a fake whip.
  • A dancer (with her face, from cheekbones to temple, covered in black paint, for anonymity’s sake) interpretive dance to a haunting lyrical piece.

I have also seen one specific audience member tape every performance in full on their phone, parting through the crowd like a ghost to the very lip of the stage and speaking directly to the dancers as they perform. “YES,” this person says, in a tone just above a whisper. “Work it, honey. YES.”

When the sardonic emcee, with her feather earrings, voluminous hair and acrylic nails out to here struts onto the stage to introduce Fiona Fatale, Mary is ecstatic. Carolyn walks on with Lucy-esque pinup curls and a simple cotton dress. Lights up, and she’s taken command of the microphone, singing “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me” from Rocky Horror Picture Show with that high, flighty voice only she and Susan Sarandon could master. She twirls and her dress flutters up to flash a sneak peek to the crowd. With her back to the audience, she peels one sleeve off her shoulder, peering coyly at the room, then snaps it back into place. We cheer, begging for more. She shakes across the stage, singing and shimmying, and then she lifts her dress over her head. She throws it stage left, revealing 1940’s lingerie, pearly, silky, luminescent, that hugs her curvaceous frame in all the right places. She turns again from the audience and unfastens her bra, slowly it comes off, touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me, and then only her nipples are confined, her breasts flapping with impressive centrifugal force as she shimmies her shoulders.

I stare at her face. Her smile is genuine.

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In the Eye of the Patriarchy: An Exploration of the Origin and Effects of Women’s “Beauty Myth,” Yesterday and Today

Thesis Statement: 

Women and their bodies have been oppressed, degraded, and treated as “the second sex” for millennia. As Western women have begun to fight against this oppression and gain rights, advertisers and corporations, recognizing the “beauty myth” as the final obstacle to gender equality, have created an impossible beauty standard for Western women and their bodies which has resulted in mental health and body image disorders. The eradication of the beauty myth is necessary to promote gender equality and positive intersectional female representation so that all women can progress, change, and turn their attention to much-needed feminist activism.

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Time Management

The key to personal success, especially in a remote position. Scheduling and self-discipline have been critical in my academic and professional successes.

Multimedia Experience

I have experience with WordPress and Squarespace and their blogging platforms, all social media outlets, marketing copywriting and journalism. Digital writing really fascinates me!

Grammar Obsessed

Thanks to my language degree and passion for the written word, I can totally nerd out on the details of the grammatical system that we call English. I strive for punctuational and grammatical perfection on every project and keep a keen eye out for areas of improvement.

Attention to Detail

This has helped me plenty while overseeing all marketing materials for The W Spa and managing copy for my web design clients. Optimizing small details makes a big difference!


As an introverted, free-spirited, Mom-of-the-group type, I love to lead and cherish independence. I like to take ideas and run with them, but also recognize the value of collaboration.

Growth Mindset

Fifty self-help books and a zillion podcast episodes later, I understand the correlation between effort and success, and that as a fresh graduate I have a lot of learning to do. That's why I'm applying to WebFX- to build on my foundations and grow into my professional potential!

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I look forward to hearing from you.