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You want to start your business, or grow your existing business to it’s fullest potential… but there’s something holding you back.

You feel this incredible mission inside of you to be of service, to help others, to change lives through your service or product… but there’s something holding you back.

You feel unfulfilled. 

Your day job just isn’t cutting it. 

You want to go big, live bigger, more lavishly, more in your zone of genius.

You LOVE all of the 5-day challenges and Instagram captions of influencers that you follow, but it’s not enough when you try to apply it to your own work.

You feel unsupported.

You feel like the only person in the WORLD with this crazy idea that you may actually want to be an entrepreneur, because nobody around you has ever had the audacity to go big for their dreams. 

There is a woman inside of you, with this crazy idea, with the purpose, with the influence and income of her dreams…

She’s a soulpreneur. 

A woman of SERVICE.

A woman who runs her business from the heart, who would love to see women transform and live better lives. She’s a woman with courage, a woman who’s brave, a woman who would much rather feel uncomfortable investing in something huge than working for someone else the rest of her life somewhere cushy.

This woman inside of you knows that you need to go big to see big. She knows that what got you here, won’t get you there. And trust me, there, in that life you dream about, is where you want to be.

You're afraid.

You’re afraid of investing. 

You’re afraid of failing. 

You’re afraid of what your friends and family will say about you. 

Will they judge you? Will they laugh at you? 

Every time you get an invitation to step up to the plate and change, your fears hold you back.

But not this time.

You’re scared of your own potential, love, and you’re letting your fears trump your faith in yourself.

I’ve been there.

I knew there was a bigger message inside of me, a service-based business just dying to be created with intention and love and ease. 

I knew that I was meant for more than another part-time job and a checkmark life.

But I was SO scared. 

Who was I to start a business? What would people say about me? I stuffed down my purpose until it finally called out to me to make the most uncomfortable decision of my life- invest BIG in the life of my dreams.

It wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it. And I realized this:

Starting a business is easy. It’s letting your soul speak that’s hard.

You have big dreams, gorgeous. 'Yuge.
You have a message, a brand, a service within you that the world wants, needs, and DESERVES to experience, a purpose that your soul reaaaally wants you to fulfill. And together, we're going to make those dreams come true.


Soul __ Strategy (1)

If you want to feel

♥ lit up and on fire…

♥ confident on why you and only you can share your message…

♥ excited every day by your own potential, purpose, and the clients flowing your way…

♥supported by a sisterhood of badass women who share your values, mission, and excitement…

♥in the FLOW OF BUSINESS, abundance, creativity and limitless ideas…

♥ certain of your own success and badassery…

Then this is the course for you!

There is a business inside of you waiting to be unleashed to the world. It’s purposeful, it’s passionate, it’s all hot and sexy and ready to be seen by the world. No more playing small, gorgeous. No more letting your excuses get the best of you! 

This is your official invitation to join me on a 7-week journey of self-discovery and business creation and get your ass in gear for 2019.

Imagine the potential of having your soul-aligned business set up and ready to bring in your dream, soulmate clients, the potential of you feeling on fire and creative every day, the potential of you looking back to this moment and thinking... I'm so glad I did this.

Soul and Strategy is a curated and cultivated container for the woman who's ready for a total transformation from "I'll start a business soon" to "Holy shit, I did it!"

Believe it or not, you were born with an ass-kicking, money-making, life-loving, and purpose-filling goddess inside of you. Let's unleash her, shall we?

you need both soul and strategy to build a business.

Most people have a brilliant business idea in their souls (the jist of which has a lot to do with what they’re passionate about and just totally love doing), but never ever go for it.

Why, you may ask? There are many reasons, but to me, it’s crystal-clear evidence of a mindset issue. If you’ve spent your whole life thinking one way (Starting a business is scary / unrealistic / I’m in blood-curdling debt already) and want to get to a new level of said life (involving financial and time freedom, self expression and purpose fulfillment), something’s gotta give. And you’ve gotta be the one to give it.

What got you here won’t get you there.

And when I say mindset, I mean believing with all your heart that your business serves a huge purpose, that it’s soul-centered, that you’re worthy and deserving of money and clients and success… We’ll learn strategy too, but business is more about who you’re being when you’re doing it than how you’re doing it.

So how's it work?

♥ Soul + Strategy will run from February 3rd to March 17th- we'll meet on Sunday or Monday nights depending on everybody's time zones and availabilities. Each module will be between 1-2 hours and totally jam-packed with actionable information that will transform your personal development, mindset mastery and business strategy.

♥ Once you enroll, you'll be added to our private Facebook group, where everyone can workshop their ideas, share successes, and celebrate some saucy sisterhood magic that only comes from building kickass businesses together.

♥ This is where you'll be able to watch replays of our modules if you missed an evening and come back to our modules throughout the week. The Facebook group will be open for two weeks after our program finishes for an implementation period, and will then be deleted to honor the sacredness of the process (and get your ass in gear!).

[Amanda] has completely changed my outlook on life. I feel so excited every day to start the day and to further reach my goals and better myself. This course has allowed me to learn more about myself, about the universe, and about relationships between everything and has just opened my mind and my life up so much. I have been able to manifest my goals, and realize the steps I need to take to achieve other future goals/dreams. Amanda has been amazing and so supportive throughout this entire process, and is such an AMAZING and naturally gifted teacher. After every class I could feel her positive energy rub off on me and afterwards I would be so pumped and ready to do the work necessary to better my future. Because of the steps she has taught me in manifestation, I was able to create and attract opportunities for myself and was offered two jobs. I truly don’t believe that would have happened if she didn’t teach me how to raise my vibration and act what you want to attract. By investing [with Amanda] I was able to completely change my life in a short period of time, and I’m so happy I did it!! 


What do I get?

♥ Each module I'll teach one part strategy and one part personal development. This ensures that you're balancing your go-go-go with your reflect-reflect-reflect (say that one five times fast!) and building the proper manifesting, faith and focus muscles to be able to launch your biz with ease. Becuase it gets to be easy.

♥ I'll also be doing a Q&A every single Wednesday morning so that I can answer any questions that come up over the course of the week in between modules! PLUS...

♥ For this inaugural launch of Soul and Strategy, you'll receive a BONUS call during week 6 about other mindset tips, tricks, and fun games that we don't cover in the program. We'll dig even deeper on this call to help you make the most of your time and really set you up for success! There are more bonuses available for early birds if you click the button below!

Soul __ Strategy (1)

What do I learn?


This week you’ll develop your ideal client avatar, gain clarity on your soul purpose, who you’re here to serve in your business, and your true blue desires for this life. You’ll also learn to set goals in a way that finally sticks.


Week 2 is about cultivating and intuitively recognizing the perfect branding for you (colors, fonts, logos) based on who you are and what you love. You’ll also learn about your Higher Self and how to embody them (so, so important!). 


All things social media, your website, email lists and organic growth- this week is all about your online presence. You’ll also get an inspirational intro to emotional mastery and manifesting, understanding focus, and beating imposter syndrome.


Learn how to intuitively create and price products, launching your business and products, and sales navigation. We’ll also talk about wealth consciousness (that’s MONEY, baby!) and how critical celebration truly is.


This week is all about dealing with naysayers and how to stop worrying about what others think once and for all! We also discuss energy protection, mind food, routines, and wrap up anything we didn’t cover in the other modules.

♥ Don't forget: there's also a bonus module in week 6 and a welcome call on February 3rd to kick things off and prep your mind properly for your brand new life. ♥

Ugh, can you FEEL all this sparkly magic?

Is there a fire of potential warming up your belly?

I LOVE that feeling. It means you're being called to something bigger, a higher purpose...

Your intuition is tugging you towards a decision that aligns perfectly with your truest self.

Your energy is getting all buzzy and excited about this opportunity. In other words...
You're saying "sup" to your soul, your Higher Self, and you must HONOR HER!

This part of you is that goddess part of you, the one who is living the life you're craving that you KNOW you're meant to live,
and these little intuitive nudges will NEVER lead you astray.

Amanda is a rocking, empowering, badass! And she works hard to make sure that YOU feel that way too. [She] definitely changed my view on how to get in touch with my spirituality and self-confidence. […]  [S]he gave me tips on how to work on my “problem areas” and even gave me a couple book recommendations and that I am SUPER excited to try out. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, I highly recommend looking into Amanda’s blog, podcasts, or even book a coaching session 🙂



Feels a deep soul calling to express her purpose through a life dedicated to service

Wants to know with confidence and clarity that she and only she can fulfill her express purpose.

Sees herself living in and embodying a space of abundance in wealth, clients, happiness, opportunity, love, and growth

Wants to feel 100% worthy of investments of time, energy, faith, and all of her resources into herself, her business, and those who she loves to help

Desires confidence in making intuitive decisions and moving in the right direction

Wants to build a business from the inside out that makes you feel grateful, excited, and grounded in her soul’s purpose

Is imaginative, visionary, creative, loving, and excited A.F. to change RIGHT. NOW.


Lives her life based on excuses, limitations and challenges

Looooves playing the victim and blaming others/ her circumstances for her current reality

Has a closed mind when it. comes to spirituality, manifestation, and healing from the inside out

Says “I already know that” and refuses to learn something new… choosing her pride over her growth

Feels more comfortable where she is now than where she knows her soul wants to take her

Is unwilling to invest BIG, play BIG, and go BIG to totally turn her life around

Denies her soul’s purpose and rejects clarity in vision in favor of living in scarcity

If you're looking for even more support in your biz...

Soul and Strategy

This is for she who desires more personalized attention in building her business and brand, finding her niche, defining her soul’s purpose…

You’ll receive an additional 2 calls for VIP members ONLY, and one 1:1 coaching call with me redeemable at any time throughout the program to gain more clarity on mindset techniques, design concepts, or business ideas.

Now's the time, beautiful. Let's turn those dreams into a reality...

Soul __ Strategy (1)


Invest before Sunday, January 27th at midnight
and receive FREE, 24/7 audio coaching and support
from me through Facebook messenger
to help you dive even deeper into your business!

Payment plans (weekly and monthly) are available upon request.

Still hesitating? Know this: Your life changes in proportion to the courageous acts you perform. Act from where you want to be, not from where you are... And you'll be there in no time.



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