Just the two of us...

This is intimate. 

This is powerful. 

This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Hey you.

I truly and whole-heartedly believe that you’re on this page for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidences, not anymore- you were lead here because you know that deep down, you have a business idea inside of you so big and so brilliant and so life-changing that… it kinda scares you.

It scares you because taking the leap and putting yourself out there is more vulnerable than you feel comfortable with. Being an entrepreneur basically means that it’s all on you. The website is yours. The branding is yours. The product is yours. And that’s terrifying, because what if everyone laughs at you? What if the ones you care about most scoff at your business and tell you to get a real job? 

But let me ask you this… What if you never take that chance? What if you keep putting out the fire within you out of fear and shame of standing out? The pain of never realizing your true potential is so much greater than the pleasure of your comfort zone. Pinky promise.

I want you to let your light shine. I want you to just imagine for a moment that that life you’ve been daydreaming of, the unlimited income, the travel, the time spent with friends and family and the effing awesome Christmas gifts are real and waiting for you.

It’s not just a daydream. It’s the real deal, my friend, and as your business coach I will help you get there one call at a time.

You're ready and you know it... Why wait?

One on one coaching is not for the faint of heart. It IS for the woman who is seriously ready for change. Who’s done with excuses. Who is serious about taking the leap of faith and trusts wholeheartedly that she will reap the benefits.

It takes a strong mindset to invest, and I KNOW you have it in you, because you’re a badass boss bitch who knows her worth and will crush it in business.

You’ve already gotten an intuitive hit as to whether or not we’re meant to work together. As soon as you clicked on this page, your soul made a decision, and it told you- yes or no.

If it’s a no, no problem… I have group programs and other fun awesome amazing informational things to offer.

But if it’s a yes… You know what you have to do.

Transforming your life is not about making one single decision. It’s about COMMITTING. It’s about saying, “Whatever it takes.”

You’ve got to want it and you’ve got to tune into your gut. Clear away the cobwebs of “Who am I to have a coach?” and “What am I thinking investing in myself?”

Breathe. Listen. What’s your soul telling you?

That’s what I did when I invested in my first coach, and I’m so, so, so grateful that I did. I wouldn’t be pursuing my purpose if I didn’t.

You’ve got this, babe. I believe in you.

What's included:


We have one, one-hour coaching call each week, a high-vibe space just for you that's full of powerful breakthroughs, actionable steps and lots of giggles


You have access to 24/7 audio and messaging support with me outside of our weekly call- you ask questions, we solve problems, we celebrate achievements, etc.


We build your business, grow your business, get in the flow of money and abundance, change your mindset, and have a ton of fun along the way

You're so ready.


– Up to one call per week
– FB Messenger audio/text support 24/7
– Biz building, mindset work, soul strategy and confidence boosting
– One 150-minute call at the beginning and one at the end of our three month journey


♥ 3 or 6 months
♥ One on one, individualized attention and success strategies- we'll build your business and grow you into a whole other version of yourself
♥ Includes support around website, branding, and social media navigation alongside mindset implementation, goal setting that works and soulful connection
♥ 6-month option includes two 2-hour pow-wow sessions, one at the start and one at the 3-month mark, to go deeper into your business
♥ Payment plans available


Everything in the 3 month package PLUS
– One 150-minute call at the three month mark of our journey together
Full access to certain programs, webinars and courses that I run throughout the duration of our coaching

If you'd like to chat more, please book in a consultation call below! This is a one-hour call for $97 to see where you are, where you want to be, and how I can help you grow into who you're meant to be.

Amanda is a rocking, empowering, badass! And she works hard to make sure that YOU feel that way too. I spent an hour at one of her life-coaching sessions and it definitely changed my view on how to get in touch with my spirituality and self-confidence. Throughout the session, she gave me tips on how to work on my “problem areas” and even gave me a couple book recommendations and that I am SUPER excited to try out. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, I highly recommend looking into Amanda’s blog, podcasts, or even book a coaching session 🙂


Ready for change, like, yesterday?

If you’re totally ready right now right now, then you can fill out the application form below! Answer honestly and with tons of self compassion, get really really clear on where you’re at and what you desire, and I’ll get back to you to see if we’re a good fit soon. SO excited for you and your goals, babe!


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