behind opal and ebony

Hi, I’m Amanda. I’ve been digitally creating since I first pressed the keys of my father’s work laptop at age 5, filling the hard drive with half-spun stories and tales unfinished. The clacking sound has always brought me comfort- it’s only fitting that I get to spend most of my days typing, either entering simple code or writing content and copy. Opal and Ebony was born as a love letter to the small business- small in size, big in heart, run by folks with visions and hopes and dreams. I believe in helping people live more authentic and intentional lives, and I’m lucky enough to have cultivated the skills and perspectives to do so through web design. To me, there’s nothing cooler than seeing a client freak out over how awesome their website looks, a reaction which is a result of a) fantastic customer service, b) outstanding creative skills, and c) close relationships that only small businesses can offer. Love oozes from the work I do, because I believe that love makes the world a much, much better place. You can usually find me at my laptop working on a project, on my yoga mat meditating, or in my bed with a good book. I run a blog on mindfulness, minimalism and mental health, you can check it out here. At the time of writing I have picked up a new hobby of clocking an ungodly amount of hours in Animal Crossing. I usually close with stating that I will gladly accept book recommendations, but Dodo Codes are just as eagerly accepted, if not more so. 🌲

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