9 // Compassion, courage, and comprehensive change with Shannon Wooten

Shannon is a fierce, fiery, and focused human being who says what she thinks and does what she wants. She crafts her own rules and dives deep into the deeper, darker parts of creating the life you dream of and taking complete control of your life. She is an enchanting and powerful speaker and I KNOW you'll love Shannon! Enjoy! Shannon’s definition of poise: "The ability to integrate both…

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8 // Intuition, alignment, and authenticity with Kaitlynn Black

You guys will definitely love Kaitlynn's fiesty energy, unique viewpoints and love of all things authenticity. Kaitlynn has so much to offer regarding intuition, alignment, pain, rituals, the essence of words, overconsuming, honesty in oneself and ones higher self... Let's dive in! Kaitlynn Black is a freedom coach who helps women embody their highest selves. She is the kind of girl that doesn't have a bio, but here are the basics:…

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