Amanda Popovski here.

Lover of crosswords, stationary, and fresh-fallen snow. 

Generator. Herbivore. Middle child. SUCH an Aries, it’s not even funny.

Eternal cheerleader of humanity, podcast host, life and mindset coach, old soul in young body, fearless ass kicker, and divinely and proudly human.

You're here for a reason, kid.

On this planet and this web page.

I started my personal development, please-help-me-change-my-life journey for probably the same reason you did- I just knew I was meant for more.

I was a college student studying to be a Spanish teacher when I picked up my first personal development, mindset, spirituality, manifestation, law of attraction, you-create-your-reality book, and my life was totally and radically changed.

My whole world shifted when I integrated these simple truths:

1. We get one shot at this brief and glorious thing called life.

2. Our unique purpose will die with us if we don’t pursue it.

3. Our dreams are more important than other people’s opinions of us.

I took a good, hard look at my life and was RADICALLY honest with myself, letting my soul truly speak for the first time in years.

Turns out, she wasn’t very happy.

I had been trapping myself in a version of life that would please everyone else. I was the high-achieving student, the responsible daughter, the good girl whose life was fast tracking to just above mediocre.

I didn’t want to be mediocre. 

I wanted to break free from a 9-5 life. I wanted to travel, to speak, to see all of the world in it’s glory before my brief stint is up.

I realized, with the help of my soul and my coaches, that the clock was ticking- my time was NOW to be brave, to have courage, and to do all of the things that I desperately wanted to do.

So I overhauled everything. 

I decided I would live life on MY terms, not according to boxes checked and statuses achieved.

I stopped playing by other people’s rules. 

I learned how to communicate, trust my gut, set boundaries, orgasm.

I learned how to stand my ground, love my body, and use my mind as a weapon of mass construction.

I invested time, money, and faith into what lit my heart on fire, even when it was scary. (And not that cute kind of scary- like actually terrifying, heart palpitations, “I don’t know wtf you want from me Universe but I’M TRUSTING YOU” typa vibe.) 

I took fearless action in the directions of my dreams, and I am now OBSESSED with helping others do the same.

i went from...

  • Feeling victimized by my life ► owning the SHIT out of my power
  • Numbly moving through life, questioning my purpose and the point of my existence ► fully committing to LIVING a life I'm proud of through my badassery
  • Paralyzed by the "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT" quagmire ► committing to mobilizing the gifts and talents I was born with (and making some bank doing so!)
  • Overachieving and underfulfilled college student ► all-in entrepreneur (not that you can't be both!)
  • Literally crying at the sight of my "hideous, troll-like" body (direct quote courtesy of my mind) ► flipping the bird to my insecurities (after healing them, of course) loving every. single.thing about my body (sometimes I have to control the urge to make out with myself in the mirror, and it's AWESOME)
  • CRINGING at anything even remotely sexual ► embracing the divine power of my sexuality and infusing it into my daily life
  • Dreaming every night of starting my business and going after my life goals ► um, actually starting my business and going after my life goals
  • A major scaredy cat and worry wart ► mindset badass, worry WARRIOR and starer-downer of fear, straight in the eyes, and do-it-anywayer
  • Being Amanda Popovski ► being AMANDA POPOVSKI, the awesomest, queenliest, badassiest version of myself that I can possibly be

MY life's purpose is to help you find YOURS- and build the courage to pursue it.

To reflect to you and remind you how freaking badass you are.

To instill my belief in you in you.

To hold up a mirror to the confident, sexy, purposeful, ambitious, passionate, emotional, unrealistic, batshit crazy amazing human being you are, and all of the potential within you just WAITING to be unleashed.

To encourage you to have faith, be tenacious, and believe.

To support you in your lowest moments and cheer you on in your highest.

To show you just how brilliant your life can be.

To raise a glass to you, your potential, your success, your strengths and your shortcomings, knowing all the while that you are exactly the you that the world needs.

Because I love you,
you’re amazing,
and I can’t wait to see how you take the world by storm.


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