10 // Surrendering to your soul buzz with Hannah Rettler

10 // Surrendering to your soul buzz with Hannah Rettler

Hannah is a BEAUTIFUL woman whose presence brings peace, passion and power. Just being in Hannah’s energy, I felt the possibility of leaving the old behind and embarking on the future. You’re going to love our discussions about following intuitive nudges, getting out of competition and getting to know your ideal client, and trusting your divine path. Seriously, check this girl out… She’s doing amazing things!

Hannah’s definition of poise: “Graceful and balanced. I believe I demonstrated these qualities through self-check in my feelings, and emotions to my circumstances. I work to understand where they come from before I react, and this helps me to feel balance and approach (most 😂) situations with grace!”

Hannah is a soul alignment coach whose mission in life is to inspire you to find what makes your #soulbuzz and discover the courage and strength you have within yourself to live that life you’re dreamin’ about. As a coach, she helps her clients find clarity on what lights their soul up, clear the blocks standing in their way, realize their potential, and take action on their dreams to live their most fulfilling life. She is the one you come to when you are done playing small, when that fire is burning in your belly that you know you’re meant for more, you KNOW you’re meant to take up some incredible space in this world, and you are ready to expand and explore that radiant, incredible, powerful soul inside of you.

Potent pieces from this podcast:
– Hannah’s entrepreneurship journey
– What is a soul buzz?
– Confronting fear by seeing it for what it is
– Leaning into trust and SURRENDERING
– Following the Universe’s nudges
– Meditation and journalling as a daily habit
– Hannah’s journalling advice: Start with 3 gratitudes and brain dump a download from your meditation.. What does my voice need to be used for? What messages does my soul have for me today?
– Finding piece with releasing control
– What are we responsible for in manifestation?
– Letting go of the HOW and trusting our divine path
– Hannah’s entrepreneurship analogy
– What to do when your transformations feel really hard
– Badass discussion about ideal clients
– What scared us at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey
– Hannah’s craziest manifestation story

Hannah’s must-have manual: The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

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