8 // Intuition, alignment, and authenticity with Kaitlynn Black

8 // Intuition, alignment, and authenticity with Kaitlynn Black

You guys will definitely love Kaitlynn’s fiesty energy, unique viewpoints and love of all things authenticity. Kaitlynn has so much to offer regarding intuition, alignment, pain, rituals, the essence of words, overconsuming, honesty in oneself and ones higher self… Let’s dive in!

Kaitlynn Black is a freedom coach who helps women embody their highest selves. She is the kind of girl that doesn’t have a bio, but here are the basics: She is a twenty one year old creative with an entrepreneurial edge here to help women embody their highest self, their most free self. She fucking loves food, the Earth, and can find inspiration in anything.

Kaitlynn’s definition of poise: “Poise – the essence of a person who embodies their highest self” I consider myself to be poised because I keep my “filters” in check. I’m always checking in and making sure my values and desires are calling the shots, allowing me to show up authentically with confidence and ease.

Hostess note: Kait is unlike ANY person I’ve ever met. I just recently found out that we are a whole foot apart in terms of height- but though she may be little, she is fierce (brownie points if you know where that’s from!). She speaks her MIND and her HEART and has such interesting ideas about how the world works, what every piece of life means and how to navigate our everyday lives. I’m so grateful that she came onto the podcast to share her light and I KNOW that she’ll hardcore resonate with some of my audience members. Hit her up on the socials to see more badassery!

Potent pieces from this podcast:
– Turning emotional pain into power
– Who is your highest self?
– Accepting every part of you for how it is
– What does financial freedom mean?
– Going deeper into interactions
– The importance of rituals
– What is the meaning of alignment?
– How to tap into intuition
– The essence of words
– Consuming vs. doing what you love
– Being honest with yourself

Kaitlynn’s must-have manual number one: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
Kaitlynn’s must-have manual number two: The Rock Warrior’s Way by Arno Ilner
Kaitlynn’s single-sentence suggestion: Everything is perfect.

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