7 // Redefining trauma and self connection with Amanda Becker

7 // Redefining trauma and self connection with Amanda Becker

LOVE this episode! Today I have a fellow Amanda, Amanda Becker, soul coach and NES practitioner, on the podcast! We talk all things body love, self love, energy blocks in the body, emotional boundaries, the power of NES, childhood trauma, emotional experiences, and expanding emotionally, and Amanda provides SO many actionable steps in this episode for you guys. SO GOOD. Enjoy!

Amanda Becker is an energetic healing coach and NES practitioner. She specializes in helping women release emotional trauma so they can transform old patterns and find freedom. Amanda is passionate about guiding others to heal through finding self love, setting boundaries and embodying their soul’s calling. When she isn’t coaching she is spending time with her pug Buddha or hanging out at the beach in sunny San Diego.

Amanda’s definition of poise: “My definition of poise is finding power and beauty within yourself so that it radiates from every aspect of your being. I consider myself a poised person because I have found power in my story and learned how to balance my health and my life.”

Hostess note: “The only people who won’t respect boundaries are the ones who benefit from you having none.” That’s a little nugget of wisdom from Amanda from the episode! She is so knowledgable, mature, grounded, and whenever I hear her speak I feel soooo at peace and stable. And I’m sure you will too! She is a fountain of knowledge and soooo so serious about showing women how to master their emotions, set their boundaries, and find self love that STICKS. Check her out on all the socials to get in on her loving energy as well. <3

Potent pieces from this podcast:
– the power of NES
– speaking your truth in relation to autoimmune diseases
– healing toxic family wounds
– emotional health and setting boundaries
– the critical impact of inner child work
– choosing self connection over numbing out
– moving too fast in emotional work
– creating a new paradigm for romantic relationships
– why we all have trauma
– how to speak to your inner child
– choosing your own reality
– working through the most negative emotions: shame and guilt

SPECIAL: Amanda is offering my listeners a FREE first session for NES here: https://intuitivesoulcircle.as.me/ Thank you so much Amanda!

Amanda’s must-have manual: Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
Amanda’s single-sentence suggestion: Everything is happening in perfect timing.

Amanda’s info:
Website: https://www.intuitivesoulcircle.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005028977997
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intuitivesoulcircle
Reach out to Amanda on FB or Instagram to sign up for a NES consultation!

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